About Bridge China

Bridge China is a bridge between China and the world. We provide China Intern Program, Mandarin Chinese Program, Work in China and Travel In China services for all applicants who wants to explore Current China.

China Intern Program


Are you still paying an arm and a leg for Chinese classes in the U.S. without any real results? Stop it now! Why? Our China Internship Program can help you save all of your money and time. You are sure to gain plenty of valuable international work experience in working with an international team. The China intern program provides you with Mandarin Chinese and Cultural classes, weekly Chinese activities including travel in Beijing and Tianjin, Chinese food demonstrations, Marketing in Mandarin Chinese, and SEO technology. We promise this program will help you to gain plenty of International work experience for your future in the global market.


Mandarin Chinese Program


Our Mandarin Chinese Program is the best way possible to learn Chinese. Our environment of total emersion is key to learning real spoken modern Chinese. The Mandarin Chinese Program contains 20 hours of weekly classes in our school. The program also provides weekly Chinese activities including cooking Chinese food, traveling in Beijing and Tianjin, as well as culture exchanges with Chinese college students. All of our Chinese teachers have the IMCPI(International Mandarin Chinese Promotion Institute)certificate to teach Chinese as a second language.


Work In China
Bridge China can provide you tons of working opportunities under our own sub-brands and partnerships. We issuing Z visa ( work visa) to all applicants who applied Work In China program. As long as you can meet the requirements of Bridge China. Don’t hesitate, join us and let’s start our own career.


Travel In China


Are you willing to travel like native by a cool way? Know more about our Travel In China program.