Chinese Barbecue buffet with a group coupon

One day, Ryker asked me, “Hey buddy, are there any barbecue restaurants around here?” That reminded me of a tasty Chinese barbecue buffet nearby. So on Monday I asked Ryker, Taylor and Leela to this buffet restaurant named “HanLiXuan”.

Chinese barbecue Buffet3

HanLiXuan is on the fourth floor of DaRunFa, which is the biggest shopping center in Tianjin near Beijing area with a nice environment. Monday, as it was, there were few customers there. I bought the buffet tickets online by group purchase; each ticket costing 36 RMB, which is 14 RMB cheaper than its real price. There was a time-limit of 2 hours in this BBQ buffet, so as soon as we arrived, we picked a big table and started to get our BBQ food. This BBQ buffet restaurant had a wide variety of food like beef, chicken, mutton, pork, bacon and seafood. There were 20 to 30 kinds of dishes and more than ten kinds of free soft drinks, wines and ice-cream.

Chinese barbecue buffetWe got the raw meats and self-help sauces, and tasted a variety of fabulous foods. Compared to the average restaurant which costs more than 200-300RMB and tastes bad, we were so thankful for the cheap price of less than 150 RMB/four people.


Time went by quickly, we were full in one and a half hours. The restaurant has two “NO” policies: 1) NO more than 20% of the food was left on the table, or they would charge one more ticket price and 2) NO take-out food. We did not waste any food.

 Chinese barbecue Buffet2

Thanks to the enjoyable dining experience, we were having a good time and Ryker Minks and Taylor Minks are looking forward to coming again.

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