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Why Learn Mandarin Chinese?

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Is it to improve your resume? Speak the world’s biggest language? Do you want help traveling in Asia? Or as a personal challenge? The reasons to learn Mandarin are endless, but there is only one way to really learn and that is with a complete immersion program. Everyone knows about the rise of China and its remarkable economic growth. Set yourself apart from the majority of monolingual people in the work place by becoming fluent in Mandarin, Mother tongue for a billion and a half people, in Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Overseas communities all over the world.


Complete Mandarin Chinese Program

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We can tell you as people who have tried and failed that learning Chinese in North America is next to impossible. It is difficult to practice and with the complex tonal nature of Mandarin true immersion is the only reliable way to make sure your Chinese is good enough to be understood by native speakers. With our program you will be learning useful modern Chinese from the first day you set foot in China. Everything we teach is practical and useful as you go about your daily life and as you participate in the business world. Be prepared to learn quickly as everyone will want to talk to you and be your friend. If you are a novice with no Chinese skills or a Master of Mandarin that our program is the best way to improve and learn.

Why Bridge China?

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We are an experienced and knowledgeable team who are passionate about language learning and cultural exchange. With Chinese and American partners we are always there to help you build a bridge from China to the West. We along with our partner school, have over 3 years of experience teaching English, doing Cultural exchanges and teaching Mandarin Chinese in Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing and Shanghai. All Our instructors are certified to teach Mandarin to foreigners and have years of experience and knowledge to help you succeed.  To help you on your path of Cultural discovery we proved weekly excursions, language activities, and seasonal traveling throughout the country. Once you have completed your stay with us we do present you with a completion certificate and encourage participants to take the HSK, or Mandarin proficiency test administered by the Chinese government.


2.Am I Eligible?


  • 18 years of age above
  • No criminal record
  • Native English Speaker from either Canada , The United States or other European countries
  • Deligent
  • Strong desire to learn Chinese Mandarin

3.Chinese Mandarin Program options.

ProgramMonthsClass sizeClass hoursTuition: ¥ ($)/MonthVacancy
A12 Months4-12 people15 / week ¥2900($475)/ month1
B8 Months4-12 people15 / week¥3300($539)/month2
C5 Months4-12 people15 / week ¥3600($559)/month4
D3 Months4-12 people15 / week ¥3900($639)/month4

4. Commitment Deposit.

Since lots of our participants have to make a commitment for future : (2-6 months beforehand commonly), we do need you to submit your commitment deposit once you pass our interview. The details are as follows:

Teach and Study programCommitment Deposit
Any Program AUSD:$69
Any Program BUSD:$79
Any Program CUSD: $89
Work In ChinaUSD: $99

5. How to Apply ?

  1. Online Application: (Click Apply Now button on main navi or here.)
  2. Online Interview: (We will contact you within 24 hours about the date of interviewing.)
  3. Notification: ( If you passed the interviewing process, we will give you a notification.)
  4. Apply for Visa.
  5. Book airfare.
  6. Submit commitment deposit: (1.Pick your program. 2.Click Pay Now button.)


Program Deposit Payment

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