Q1: What is Bridge China mainly about?

 Bridge China focus on offering formal teaching job, professional mandarin Chinese package, and China internship opportunities for American, Canadian, British or Australian college students or  graduates.

 Web: bridgechina.com       Facebook: Bridge China     Youtube: Bridge China


Q2: Why should I pay a visa commitment deposit?  ($39—$89)


1: Bridge China has a bunch of American people who are applying  limited positions for the future.  We should be sure that you  are serious to take this position in about 2-3 months. We only accepted application based on who paid deposit first.  That way, we will refuse others once you took the position. 

2: Bridge China will use this fee to prepare invitation letter for you to apply a M( trade or business visa) or a F(  intern or culture exchange ) visa. That’s the basic labor cost and transportation fee.

3: If the process of the application failed, Bridge China will return the whole  amount to you by PayPal within 24 hours.


Q3: How is the average standard  of accommodation? Is the water drinkable?  Does it include internet?

Apt1   APT2

1: The average standard of accommodation is like the picture showed.  Now it’s 21st century, China is not North Korea.

2: You can’ t drink water from the faucet. That’s only for washing dishes, face and other things like that.  We all use water fountain. It’s $1=6.2CNY for each big bottle( 5L)

3: Yes, every apartment has internet. One more time, China now is similar to America…  All things you can get in America, you can get in China, except for fresh air…… ( in Beijing)


Q4: What should I bring with me before I go to China? 

1:  Passport ( original file)

2:  Original files of Health condition certificate and Bachelor Degree ( Only Work In China program needs these files).   Intern positions or Teach and Study program don’t need this.

3:  Zippo? Old spice ?  If something is expensive in China, then take them. Otherwise, just keep it simple. You can buy anything from any store in China with much cheaper price.


Q5: Is the monthly stipend that Bridge China offered  enough to live in China or do I have to prepare more money?

Take Tianjin(Top 10 city in China)  as an example, the average salaries is 2500.  Bridge China offers roughly ¥5,000 to ¥10,000 and free accommodation includes all utilities for any program participants, so the answer is you will have a good life here. The stipend of the first month will be issued on 15th of the next month so you better prepare $479=3000RMB.