Jeff Pavich – Teach and Study


Participating in the teach and study program was ideal for me. It was an eye opening experience to live in China for six months and learn Mandarin Chinese. Teaching English was enjoyable because the students were eager to learn and full of energy. This program was a great choice for me to come to China and not have to pay an arm and a leg.



Dan Wilson – Teach and Study


I was really excited to go to China. I had lived in England for a few years and really enjoyed being outside of my home country in a new environment. Going to China for half a year, immersing myself in the culture, and learning some Chinese was an experience I will never forget. Teaching English was new to me, but most everything is prepared beforehand and once you get the hang of things, it can be a rewarding experience.



Holly – Mandarin Immersion


Studying in China was one of the best experiences I’ve had. The world has its eye on China right now, and the insight that I gained while living there has given me a better understanding of Chinese culture, and has opened countless doors for me in the business world. Not to mention how much fun I had! I would definitely recommend China Immersion and hope to return one day to continue my studies.



Luke Swift – Teach and Study


Beforehand, I never considered coming to China, but after hearing about China Immersion through a friend, it sparked my interest. The structure of the teach and study program was perfect for me since I was on a tight budget. What I enjoyed most were the excursions I went on with my tutor throughout the city. They allowed me to get a feel for Chinese culture in comparison to western lifestyle. Thanks China Immersion!


Kendrick Corp – Teach and Study


China Immersion was an adventure to say the least. It was my first time coming to Asia and felt completely out of my element. The locals I met were very hospital and encouraging of me learning Chinese. I enjoyed Mandarin classes and saw results rather fast. I think being in the type of environment China Immersion provides is great to really grasp the Chinese culture and language.


Eduardo Vega – Teach and Study


The teachers were very patient and paid close attention to the progression of my Chinese. They held evaluation tests every few weeks to make sure I was on track. After six months I took the “new” HSK test and scored a 4. I was very pleased with my results from China Immersion.


Ryan Okamuro – Teach and Study


Having already studied Mandarin Chinese for several years in the US, I was eager to put my language skills to use by coming to China. Initially I found it hard to adjust to the new lifestyle and found it frustrating not being able to speak fluently with the locals. I stuck with my structured curriculum arranged by my instructor and saw results very quickly. There is no better way to improve your language skills than to have enroll in the 1v1 Mandarin Immersion program. My only regret is that I couldn’t have stayed longer.



Nghi – Teach and Study


After graduating from college I was interested in spending some time abroad teaching English. I applied for the program and after having my interview was excited to have the opportunity to participate in China Immersion. I was accepted and spent six months teaching and studying. The combination of language classes mixed with teaching was perfect for the type of experience I was looking for.



Kenny Kaye – Teach and Study


I ultimately decided to study in China because I felt knowing the language and culture would be invaluable in the coming job market. After arriving in China I was quickly settled into place. After an adjusting period I began to teach and quickly fell in love with my students. I find value in the knowledge that I am helping open many doors in their lives. The Chinese tutoring was also very helpful and within 6 months moved to a level where I could have meaningful conversations with some degree of fluency. Thanks China Immersion!


Brian Ahn – Teach and Study


I spent a semester in China studying Mandarin at university, but wasn’t pleased with the results I saw. After returning to the states and finishing my degree, I was once again eager to come back and improve my Chinese. I stumbled upon China Immersion and liked how the program sounded so personal. Needless to say, my stay with China Immersion was more than what I expected. My language proficiency level excelled at an astounding rate and was speaking with the locals in no time.