Work In China

1: Why work in China?

Once you see this page,  We are pretty sure you have already made a wise choice. Why?  The reasons are pretty simple:

Work in China-1

A: If you pick China to start or continue your career, you will have lots of opportunities to become successful in our own  international company. Especially the newest government of China supports high technology and educational companies by reducing the tax. So why not work with us, grow with us, and become rich and successful together?

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B: If you work in China, your living standard would be much higher than in the U.S. The living cost in China is low. A large size  bowl of beef noodles is $0.97  and the lucky thing is you do not have to give tips in China based on Chinese culture.  What is more, the exchange rate of 1  USD =6.133 CNY. CNY is getting stronger and stronger so that you can purchase more products and service after you earn CNY for your future.  We can see the trend of Chinese Yuan/USD  for last 10 years in the picture:


2: Working requirements in BridgeChina:

We firmly believe that elites can affect  each other positively. So be sure that you meet the standards below:

1:Native speakers only.   2: Bachelor Degree preferred.  (High school diploma at least)     3: TESOL certificate preferred.
4:Teaching experience preferred.    
5: Non criminal record and health check are required.

3:  Contract details: salaries and benefits.

We have tremendous benefits not listed in the table below. The benefits depend on your BD, TESOL and other associated working experience. If you want to know more about us, just contact us. 

Contract LengthResponsibilitysalariesbenefits
12 months Working hours(30-40 hours/week) 11,000-13,000 CNY/month.1:Housing included(Private room). 2: Plane ticket reimbursement. 3:Free mandarin Chinese courses. 4:Free coding courses. 5: Airport pick up.


4. How to Apply ?

  1. Online Application: (Click Apply Now button on main navi or here.)
  2. Online Interview: (We will contact you within 24 hours about the date of interviewing.)
  3. Notification: ( If you passed the interviewing process, we will give you a notification.)
  4. Submit commitment deposit: (1.Pick your program. 2.Click Pay Now button.)
  5. Apply for visa.
  6. Book airfare.


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